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Spider-Man Deluxe Adult Costume

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Look out! Here comes Spider-Man!


Look out! Here comes Spider-Man!

Get ready to climb the skyscrapers to defend your city from all of the villians! It includes a full body costume, mask and boot covers. Don't forget to add the Spider-Man gloves to give your costume that complete look (sold seperately).

  • Includes: Jumpsuit, Mask, Boot Covers.
  • Does not include: gloves.
  • Material: 100% Polyester; Full Mask: 100% Polyester.
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash.

Customer Reviews

One size fits most, but mostly big people Review by Straightontilmorning
The description says one size fits most but what you have to realize is that it doesn't say how well it fits. The model in the picture is apparently a HUGE man (XL indeed) to fill it out the way he does. Peter Parker-sized gentlemen such as myself (5'9" and 165lb) come out looking more like flying-squirrel-man with all the extra fabric involved. On the up side that same extra material should provide ample opportunity to shift the hems around and achieve something like the intended look. The mask is just about perfect. I don't recommend trying to read through the mesh eyes or going out alone after dark with it on but the visibility to proper effect ratio is very favorable. The only flaws I found are that the web design down the central panel doesn't quite line up with the other panels (but it's pretty close at a glance), the eyeholes are just a bit too far apart (but easily fixable), and the ventilation holes fall somewhere on the bridge of my nose, detracting from the look of the mask and not helping ventilation at all. The boot covers were apparently designed for people with no ankles creating severe bunching when worn but this can be address with some clever folding and tucking and padding them out with tubesocks. They fit best over thin soled canvas shoes like Chuck Taylors or laceless canvas shoes (I call them boat shoes). I would recommend it as a fair starting point but it will require some additional effort to become a great costume. (Posted on 4/13/13)
Worth the money. Review by Goodforsomehighfives
This is overall a pretty decent spider-man costume. I agree with the previous review that the guy in the picture most be muscular guy. I'm 6'2", 180lbs with a medium to slender build and I found the costume a little loose (specially the back and arms). I found tucking the loose costume into your socks, and hiding that with the spider man boots over top of them will have the desired effect. The arms will still be loose unless your on the juice. Deal with it. The back side of the costume is blank. Its just blue material. The belt doesn't wrap around and there is no red spider symbol on the back. Not the end of the world and not that hardy to remedy for the cheap spider-man diehards. Also, no zipper, just dots of velco... The mask on the other hand is pretty darn awesome. It looks great. You can see well and your eyes can't be seen easily. The white of the eyes is just like its pictured and look cool. The mask is separate from the costume, and is almost fully enclosed. ei: There is a 1 inch split in back that velcros closed. Again, overall pretty decent costume. Buy it already. (Posted on 4/13/13)

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